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Creating beautiful pieces that are affordable for customers has always been my passion and that has driven me to provide items for all budgets. Using precious and semi-precious gemstones and pearls, as well as other media, I love to create unique pieces using traditional as well as modern techniques, from wirework to macrame, and pearl knotting to beading to name a few. Mother nature takes care of the rest, as no two gemstones are ever the same. 

If you would like to discuss creating a special piece, please get in touch and I would be happy to see how I can help bring it to life.

Those born in January are lucky to have the beautiful and diverse garnet as their birthstone. 

Garnets are commonly red but also come in an extraordinary range of beautiful colours, including orange, yellow, purple and vibrant green. There are even garnets that change colour from blue to purple in different lighting. Some believe the true value of the garnet birthstone is its power to bring the wearer good health, wealth and happiness. Garnet is also known for its harnessing of creative energy. It’s also a “sensual stone” as it symbolizes primordial fire. As for chakras, garnet is mostly associated with the root chakra, but can be used in the balancing of the solar plexus and sacral chakras as well.

If you were born in February, your birthstone is amethyst – the purple variety of quartz that has captivated mankind for millennia. 

It's lilac to deep purple hues can be cut into many shapes and sizes, and it can be manufactured in a lab as well as mined. Amethyst, the February birthstone, can be found in the collections of royal families throughout Europe and Asia. Now it’s within reach of most consumers. Consider buying a stunning amethyst for the king or queen of your heart – or treat yourself to a royal present. If your birthday is in February, then wearing an amethyst can also be a symbol of personal empowerment and inner strength. Amethyst is an excellent crystal to use for third-eye and crown chakra energy and healing work.

Aquamarine and bloodstone, March’s two birthstones, are very different when it comes to appearance, but they share a similar reputation for protecting one’s well-being. 

The aquamarine birthstone evokes the colours of the sea. From deep green-blue to light, slightly greenish blue hues, faceted aquamarines are often free from inclusions and as clear as water, symbolising purity of spirit and soul. For chakra healing, you can use Aquamarine to clear throat chakra and promote better communication and articulation. The bloodstone birthstone is typically a dark-green cabochon that contains red spots of iron oxide, the “blood” that brings health and strength to the wearer.   Bloodstone can be used in healing for the lower chakras as well as the heart chakra. It is an essential stone for balancing the entire body.

Sparkling with an internal fire all its own, diamond is one of the world’s most sought-after and adored gemstones. 

Those born in April are lucky enough to call this scintillating gem, a symbol of clarity and strength, their birthstone. Diamond is so strong, in fact, that its name comes from the Greek word "adamas", which means “invincible” or “unbreakable”. The timeless charm of diamond was cherished long before it became the April birthstone, and the places where diamond comes from are as fascinating as the lore that surrounds it. To enhance psychic development and clairvoyance, lie back and place a diamond cluster around the third eye chakra and meditate.

Emerald, the birthstone for May, has been beloved for millennia, evoking rebirth and renewal.

Widely regarded as the definition of green, emerald is the perfect colour for spring. From the poetic description of Ireland as “the Emerald Isle” to the vibrant green of the famed gemstone itself—the May birthstone has captured hearts and minds through the ages. Variations of this rich green colour suggest soothing, lush gardens. Legend has it that emerald has the power to make its wearer more intelligent and quick-witted, and it was once believed to cure diseases like cholera and malaria. Today, it's the gemstone given for the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries. Use Emerald to benefit from its healing and metaphysical properties, such as loyalty, beauty, romantic love, and good fortune.

If you were born in the month of June, you are lucky enough to have three birthstones: Alexandrite; Pearl; Moonstone

Pearls have long been associated with purity, humility and innocence. As such, pearls were traditionally given as a wedding gift. Cultured pearls account for the vast majority of pearl sales today and come in a dazzling array of sizes, colours and shapes. Pearls are said to heal in the area of the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras.

Moonstone is the best-known gem of the feldspar group of minerals. It is renowned for its adularescence, the light that appears to billow across a gemstone, giving it a special glow. A stone for “new beginnings”, Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilises the emotions, providing calmness. It enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune. Working with the Sacral, Third-Eye and Crown Chakras, Moonstone connects us to Divine Inspiration, and channels it into our own intuition.

Alexandrite is the rare variety of the mineral chrysoberyl that changes colour in different lighting. It’s a very prized gemstone due to its rarity. Apart from its healing properties, it is also said that Alexandrite can bring abundance, prosperity, good fortune and luck.

Ruby is the July birthstone

And it’s one of the most coveted of gems. The name is derived from the Latin word ruber, meaning “red” – the colour of love and passion. Few things catch the eye like the ruby birthstone. The finest colour of the birthstone for July is a deep red with a hint of purple, called “pigeon’s blood” in the trade. A variety of the mineral corundum, ruby gets its colour from trace amounts of the element chromium. The more chromium, the stronger the red. Meditating with a Ruby will open, activate and energise the 1st, Root/Base Chakra sending rejuvenating energy through all of the chakras, but it is quite beneficial for the 4th, or Heart Chakra.

Peridot and spinel are two birthstones for August. 

The peridot birthstone is known for being formed under extreme conditions, as it can be found in the hardened lava that carried it from deep within Earth’s mantle as well as in meteorites that travelled from outer space. It’s used to balance the third (solar plexus) and fourth (heart) chakras. The spinel birthstone was underappreciated until recently, as today’s consumers look for an alternative to ruby, a gem with which red spinel was mistaken for centuries. If you need an extra boost of energy to get through work, school, or any kind of project, Spinel will help you get through everything and will protect you from feeling overwhelmed.

The September birthstone is Sapphire –

A gem that’s been cherished for thousands of years. Although the term sapphire usually refers to the blue variety of corundum (ruby is the red variety), this birthstone comes in a rainbow of other colours.  In the Middle Ages the gem was believed to protect those close to you from harm and represented loyalty and trust. The classic dark blue gemstone is associated with the throat chakra and used to improve communication and self-expression. Its colour and properties have a calming effect on the nervous system. Physically, it can help heal throat-related ailments such as thyroid disorder.

Those born in October enjoy two spectacular birthstones to commemorate their birthdays – Opal and Tourmaline. 

Opal gemstones are truly unique because each individual gem is adorned with a one-of-a-kind colour combination.  There is the beautiful Ethiopian Opal as well as the traditional milky white Opal. Use the latter for stimulation of the crown chakra and to help clear your heart and emotions. Ethiopian Opal is believed to enhance inspiration and creativity, and to protect the wearer against negativity.  Opal also comes in a variety of other colours. Pink Opal is a love stone with a deep connection to the Heart Chakra. It works to heal our emotions, allowing our hearts to open to love. Pink Opal is often referred to as “The Stone of Resolution” as it works to heal our emotional wounds and deep hidden fears enabling us to resolve and let them go.Tourmaline is a favourite gemstone for many because it’s available in a rainbow of beautiful colours. Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful grounding stones and Green Tourmaline is an ideal crystal for opening the heart chakra.  Watermelon Tourmaline can be used in any type of energy work, including meditation, crystal grids, gem elixir creation, and more.

Those with November birthdays have two beautiful birthstones to choose from: Topaz and Citrine. 

Topaz comes in a rainbow of colours; citrine is prized for its charming yellow and orange hues. Both November birthstones are known to have calming energies while bringing fortune and warmth to the wearer. Topaz is highly effective for meditation, affirmations, and visualizations. Citrine is considered to be a manifestation crystal that can provide you with a boost of motivation whenever you need to take action. Golden Citrine is an excellent crystal for any kind of healing involving negative emotions, depression, stress, etc.Essentially, this stone in general infuses the spirit with positive energy.

If you had to pick one December birthstone, which would it be: Tanzanite, Turquoise or Zircon? 

From the blue to bluish purple of tanzanite, to the intense blue and green of turquoise, to the rainbow varieties of zircon – there’s a colour for everyone. If blue is what you’re looking for, all three December birthstones have their own unique take on this favourite hue. Tanzanite stimulates the throat chakra, third-eye chakra, and crown chakra. It activates our psychic abilities and vibratory rate, facilitating communication with the higher spiritual dimensions. Tanzanite is a stone of transformation that can help dissolve old patterns of disease and karma.Turquoise is a stone associated with protection and spiritual tranquility. It’s a purification stone that dispels negative energy, and can be aligned with the crown chakra, third eye chakra, and throat chakra. Zircon is often underrated for its powerful energies. It is a true gemstone that is among the oldest on Earth. It comes in a variety of colours, although blue is the most popular. A Zircon Crystal can be used to balance out the virtuous aspects with an individual, by bringing down cosmic energies through the crown chakra into the other chakras.


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The reason I absolutely love Shanaz Sawal’s jewellery is because she can make absolutely anything to your request. I have asked for my Fool’s Gold (Pyrite), Love Quartz and Agate to be wrapped in a copper coil and made into a choker style necklace. I’ve had anklets, bracelets, earrings and arm bands made by Shanaz for when I disappear to Ibiza, go on holidays and attend glitzy events and family parties. Shanaz’s Jewellery is affordable and she caters for everyone’s budget. She is making her jewellery with love. My son also absolutely loves her ability to turn his crystals and gems into talisman / pendant necklaces which are cool for boys too. Shanaz goes out of her way to make every customer happy. I cannot wait to put in my next jewellery request. I know I will get something unique, made with love and beautifully crafted. I also love my pocket size Orgone. X

Adina, Luton

I love the red jewellery set I bought at the Hightown Festival last year and I also love the blue jewellery set you made especially for me earlier this year! Jenny, Luton

Jenny, Luton

A wonderful lady with a true gift in jewellery making. Shanaz is an absolute gem to work with and I couldn't of asked more from a bespoke service.

Samantha, Luton



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